January 30, 2024

Lit Fiber Continues to Fortify Their Leadership Team

Medina, OH, 1/30/2024: Lit Fiber announces the strategic recruitment of Dave Castel as the Director of People Operations, a transformative move poised to elevate the company's trajectory into a new era of growth and excellence.

With a career spanning over a decade in human resources, Dave Castel brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Lit Fiber. His blend of diverse knowledge, hands-on experience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence positions him as a catalyst for growth.

"My HR leadership style necessitates agility, effective communication, continuous learning with a focus on employee well-being, and the ability to adapt to rapid changes,” states Castel. He adds, “I am excited to bring these principles to Lit Fiber and contribute to the company's success.”

Castel's global perspective in HR is bolstered by his contributions to international initiatives, previously collaborating with leaders in Switzerland and Mexico. His ability to navigate complex global landscapes reflects his aptitude for fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Expressing his admiration for Lit Fiber’s culture, Castel adds, "I really like that each person’s unique skillset is celebrated. I also appreciate the organization prioritizes open communication with leadership as well as empowers employees to contribute meaningfully to the organization."

Lit Fiber is excited to harness Dave Castel's experience to inspire the company’s culture, fortifying its commitment to employee development and well-being. His vision and leadership will play a pivotal role in propelling Lit Fiber to new heights of success in 2024 with the expansion of fiber internet into new markets in Ohio, as well as the launch of fiber internet in Brownsville, TX. “Expanding the markets, means expanding the team, knowing we have Dave on our team, helps ensure our success”, states Lindsay Miller, Chief Business Officer for Lit Communities.

About Lit Fiber

Lit Fiber, LLC provides a turnkey solution for building broadband infrastructure in communities of all sizes, enabling them to create digital equity for their residents, businesses, and municipalities. We partner with real estate developers, municipal, county, and other governmental entities, as well as a variety of private partners to deploy last-mile fiber optic network infrastructure. Our networks also support a wide variety of other services in addition to fiber internet, including but not limited to VoIP, telehealth, and wireless backhaul. For more information, please visit www.lit-fiber.com.