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Upgrade Your Devices with High-Quality Fiber Internet for Incredible Performance

Simplify Your Entertainment and stream your favorite content with DIRECTV

Affordable, Full-Featured VoIP Home Phone Service – Quality Without the Price Tag

Home Internet

Don't settle for less from the big cable providers.
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Guaranteed Gigabit Speeds

Don't pay more for a variable speed "up-to" 1-Gig. With a gigabit plan from Lit Fiber, your speeds start at 1-Gig.

Whole-Home WiFi Coverage

Our advanced WiFi-6 Gigaspire routers cover your entire home with one device. Forget about placing pucks around your home.

100% Free Service Visits

We are here to serve you whenever and wherever issues arise. Standard support visits are 100% free to all Lit Fiber customers.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Your network is monitored 24/7 by ProtectIQ, Infosec Global Award Winner for best anti-phishing and network security.

Unlimited Data

Say goodbye to data caps and overage fees. Spend less time counting megabytes and more time enjoying your content.

Simple Pricing

Enjoy piece of mind knowing your monthly bill won't go up for 12-months. No contracts, no hidden fees, and free installation*.


Stream movies, music, and television with ultra-fast fiber Internet. With Symmetrical speeds you can enjoy a movie by night and video chat by day with ease.


Stay connected even at peak usage hours and don't get left buffering. Our fiber isn't just ultra-fast, it's also more reliable than cable.

Symmetrical Speeds

Tired of waiting for downloads to finish or uploads to crawl at a snail's pace? Say goodbye to the frustration of imbalanced internet speeds with Symmetrical Fiber Internet.

Parental Controls

Say goodbye to the worries of unauthorized access and protect your loved ones with our award-winning ProtectIQ.

Fiber Gaming

Level up your skills with free access to weekly gaming tournaments, live streams, trivia, & more! No purchase necessary, just plain fun!
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MyLitFiber App

With the MyLitFiber App, you hold the power in the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to guessing and hello to complete transparency as you monitor, manage, and optimize your fiber connection like a pro.

The Ultimate
WiFi Experience.

Dual band WiFi 6, with the latest 802.11ax technology, optimizes your network traffic and connectivity speeds.

Setup your WiFi, set prioritization of all of your devices and applications, and resolve connectivity issues easily—all from the MyLitFiber App.

Fully secure. Built-in 24/7 protection from external attacks with ProtectIQ

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Easily access live TV and thousands of streaming apps like Netflix, Max, Prime Video and more without changing inputs


Watch your favorite programs even if you didn't record them for up to 72 hours


With a 2-year price guarantee, stop worrying about your TV bill and start watching


Has the most Regional Sports Networks

Digital VoIP
Home Phone

Upgrade Your Phone with Advanced Digital VoIP Service.
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