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The locally-based
national provider.

Lit Fiber is proud to partner with local municipalities bringing a new generation of possibilities to communities across the country.

National + Local

National Impact.
Locally Based.

Public-Private Partnerships

We are a national company, working with municipalities and local governments to build the infrastructure needed to deliver the highest levels of future proof connectivity to communities across the United States.

Community Engagement

We are locals in your community advocating for residents, sponsoring local events, and coaching sports teams. By participating in the community, we are able to fully understand, and fulfill the needs of residents and businesses.

Hyper-Local Support

We integrate into communities across the U.S. as ISPs – with local construction, install & repair crews, and local staff. We know what's going on in your area because we're just down the road.

Lit fiber

Nearly 20,000 homes passed nation-wide.

Lit Fiber is working with Medina County, OH and the city of Brownsville, TX, to build last mile connectivity. Our business plan, road map, and deployment will connect approximately 50,000 residents and businesses. We’ve also launched a locally-operated ISP to create local jobs and keep the community first.

Markets in Progress

We're expanding to more communities faster than ever.

Medina County, Ohio

Lit Fiber –Medina is a telecommunications company that offers fiber optic internet services in the Medina area. They provide high-speed internet connections using fiber optic technology, which enables faster and more reliable internet access compared to traditional broadband connections. Lit Fiber – Medina aims to deliver exceptional internet speeds and a reliable network infrastructure to residential and business customers in the Medina region. Their services are designed to meet the growing demand for fast and reliable fiber internet connectivity, enabling customers to enjoy seamless online experiences, efficient business operations, and enhanced communication capabilities.

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Brownsville, Texas

Lit Fiber – BTX is excited to transform the connectivity experience in Brownsville, TX – consistently ranked one of the least connected cities in the United States. Our community-wide survey provided local leaders with valuable insights and feedback from residents. Our Community Action Plan included specific recommendations for an affordable service offering subsidized by the FCC’s Lifeline program, a unique local partnership with the community college to develop the necessary workforce for the project, and more.

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The Company Who Cares

Lit Fiber is the national provider with a local presence. We believe the opportunities associated with access to broadband Internet should be available to all. Choose the internet provider who meets you where you are no matter how far home is.


Keep up with the latest progress we're making and learn about our latest announcements.

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Lit without Limits

Lit Communities is committed to diversity, equity, & inclusion in all aspects of our organization.

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We're looking for passionate and slightly unconventional individuals to join our team.

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