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Products & Services

What is Premium WiFi?
Are there any equipment rental fees?
Will you be offering TV? Will you have local channels?
Will business services be offered?
Can I upgrade or downgrade service speeds easily without a fee?
Does Lit fiber have a local store?
Will you be enforcing data caps?
When will I get my first bill?

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

How much of a discount will I receive on my internet service?
Do I receive the funds directly each month?
How much does broadband service cost?
I participate in the ACP program with another internet service provider. Can I transfer that to Lit Fiber?
If the plan I pick is more than the monthly discount for broadband service, do I pay the extra myself?
Can my roommate and I each get a monthly discount?
Can I sign up for the ACP if I am already a customer or if I was a customer in the past?
I live in a multi-unit dwelling (for example, an apartment building) and we pay the property manager/landlord a monthly fee for our Internet. Can I get the ACP?

Surveys & Signups

What’s the difference between a survey and a sign up?
What if my address is not found when I go to sign up?
Am I locked into the services I signed up for, or can I change my mind?


When are you bringing service to my neighborhood?
What does the construction look like to my home?
Does someone have to come inside my home to hook up my services?


Will I need any additional equipment for a lit Fiber connection?
What should I do if I have a problem with my service?