March 18, 2020

Medina County Fiber Network Partnership

Lit Communities has formed a public-private partnership with Medina County Fiber Network (MFCN), a partnership that’s necessary in order to tackle the huge problem of inadequate infrastructure for advanced technology resources. Residents simply do not have access to fast and reliable internet, which means no access to technologies and applications that most communities around the country do have. Medina County residents are at a distinct disadvantage because of the lack of broadband infrastructure. Why is broadband infrastructure so important? Consider a few key advantages people and communities have when they have fast and reliable internet:

  • Communities with proper infrastructure can access telemedicine, which allows for remote doctor visits. Telemedicine is set to revolutionize the healthcare industry, saving people significant time and money (and reducing exposure to other illnesses) by allowing them to access care from home.
  • Connected communities also have access to improved public safety. Whether that’s smart city technology or a more sophisticated emergency response system, a strong internet connection can quite literally be a lifesaver.
  • Communities with fast and reliable internet have higher property value, more robust economic development, and improved access to education and other resources that lift a community up.

The families and small businesses in an underserved community deserve what we call digital inclusion. This is the idea that all people have equitable access to fast and reliable connectivity that positively impacts lives. Digital inclusion is a strategy that communities are embracing all over the country, and it takes a partnership to make it happen. Lit Communities and Medina County Fiber Network have done just that. CEO of Medina County Fiber Network David J. Corrado says, “Our partnership with Lit Communities is a great impact to economic development within Medina County and allows us to address the residential and small business entities that we could not previously serve.”