December 20, 2022

The FCC Seeks Challenges to Its Broadband Map. Your Community’s Input Is Crucial.

Birmingham, AL Federal funding is now available for the rapid expansion of high-speed, broadband internet across America, and your community’s input is needed to help ensure it gets its fair share.

Chief Strategy Officer Rene Gonzalez of Lit Communities’, an organization that works to bring broadband connectivity to municipalities and local governments is touting the importance of participation. “This information is critical for the under-served and unserved communities to ensure this Federal funding for broadband finds its way to the proper areas,” said Gonzalez. “It takes less than 5 minutes, and the process is simple.”

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is asking households and businesses to participate in the agency’s Broadband Data Collection Campaign. The short survey will be used to identify coverage gaps in the current FCC nationwide map that tracks broadband availability down to the individual address level.

The primary purpose of the map is to validate the accuracy of the information and identify areas with such gaps in broadband internet service – the kind of high-speed connectivity that’s now crucial for social, government and economic activities – like remote work, running a business, accessing government services, online banking, education, workforce and local economic development.

The FCC is seeking challenges to the broadband coverage map by Jan. 13, 2023. The map is used to influence funding decisions. Broadband expansion is expensive. A true picture of availability is critical and it’s easy to participate.

This 2-minute tutorial video explains the process. Or simply share the steps below.

  1. Go to Type your address in the search bar and select the closest match from the dropdown. Note: If the locator dot is not on the correct rooftop, click “Location Challenge” to provide the correct information.
  2. Scroll down to view the Internet Provider, Technology, and Speeds reported available at that address. If any information is incorrect, click “Availability Challenge” and select the Provider with inaccurate information. Note: If your locator dot is red, then no internet options have been reported at your address.
  3. Scroll down further and report the reason you’re challenging the reported information. Select the certification box at the bottom of the form and click “Submit.”

Helping to ensure that the FCC map and data is accurate can accelerate the process of making high-speed internet available to those who need it most in your area. Please encourage participation to all in your community. Time is short and the impact can be long-lasting.

Lit Communities partners with municipalities/local governments to build fiber networks in a way that keeps the community’s needs front and center every step of the way. Lit Communities is currently working with the following municipalities/local governments: Medina, OH; Defiance County, OH; City of Avon, OH; Berks County, PA; York County, PA; Monongalia County, WV; Brownsville, TX and Kendall County, IL.